Q; How much does a custom head cover cost?

A: Our pricing structure on head covers are determined by the amount of stitched that will be used in embroidery. The higher the stitch count, the longer the embroidery time, the higher the price will be. Speaking in averages, the average synthetic custom head cover costs $75.

Q: How long will it take to make my custom head cover and have it shipped?

A: Turn around time fluctuates throughout the year but expect around 8 weeks from date of purchase. If you need a faster turn around time, we offer a rush order upgrade of $25 per cover.  Please note, purchasing expedited shipping is not purchasing a "rush order" as these are separate options.

Q: What is synthetic leather like?

A: Our head covers are made out of high quality polyurethane leather (synthetic leather). We do not use vinyl. We want our head covers to look, and feel like real leather.

Q:  I need help creating my logo and/or design, can your graphic designer help?

A:  We do not have a graphic designer on staff.  If a logo needs to be created, we cannot offer this service and recommend using a third party graphic designer that you can find via google.  We will do our best to assist with a design if you have a logo that you want on a cover but cannot execute the desired design on your own but keep in mind, we are not graphic designers.

Q:  Can I use a real life image for my head cover?

A: No, we cannot embroider real life images onto a cover.  We require vector art.

Q: I submitted my design, how long will it be until I get a price quote

A: Price quotes are usually emailed out in 24-48 hours during the weekday, 72 hours if submitted over the weekend.  

Q:  What is the price difference between synthetic and genuine leather?

A:  Genuine leather is a $30 upgrade.  Expect around $90 starting price for a genuine leather cover.

Q: Which material is better for my logo?

A:  We think synthetic leather produces cleaner embroidery.  Genuine leather produces poor embroidery with small text, detailed logos, scattered designs, and high stitch count logos.  Golf Iconic is not responsible for poor embroidery on genuine leather if the above mentioned are selected for genuine leather.

Q:  How is my logo and/or text put onto the cover? 

A:  We embroider onto the cover. 

Q: My logo uplaoded into the builder form with a background.  Will that be included on the final product?

A: No, we omit non transparent  backgrounds that upload with the logo in the builder form, unless instructed otherwise.

Q: Do your putter covers have a velcro or magnetic closure?

A: We use magnetic closure on all our putter covers.  If velcro is preferred instead of magnets, let us know.  Pricing does not change with velcro closure.

Q: Can I include embroidery on exotic skins?

A:  No unfortunately we cannot embroider clearly on exotic skins since they are a thicker material.  We recommend incorporating genuine leather panels and embroidering on the genuine leather.

Q: What currency is your pricing in?

A: Our pricing is in USD

Q:  What is the minimum for an order?

A:  We do not have minimums so if you would like only 1 cover, we can make just 1 cover!  However, we do offer wholesale discounts starting at 12+ covers of the exact same cover style and design if you need multiple covers.

Q: Do you offer collegiate/team discounts?

A:  Yes!  Please contact nicole@golficonic.com for a collegiate order.

A: Q: Do you offer discounts on multiple headcovers of the same design? Do you offer tournament discounts?

A: Yes wholesale pricing starts at 12 or more covers of the exact same cover style and design.  If interested in bulk pricing, include in the NOTES section of your design submission page how many covers you are interested in.

Q: How do I clean my headcover? Is it machine washable?

A: No the headcovers are not machine washable, however the polyurethane texturing can be washed with water, or a Clorox wipe.

Q: I bought a headcover from you in the past, can I send it back in to have something else added?

A: Unfortunately no, once when the headcover is completed we can not add to it. Each headcover starts out as a flat piece of material, and that is when the embroidery is done, then it is sewn together. So after it is sewn together we can not add embroidery or anything else.

Q:  How long should my cover last?

A:  This varies widely based on many different variables but expect up to1 year for synthetic and 2 years for genuine leather covers.

Q: Do you ship internationally and what does it cost?

A: Yes, we ship all over the world to 240 different countries. Shipping costs are determined by the weight of the package and where it is going to. We have several international shipping options (USPS, DHL, UPS), you can see all the rates when checking out in the store. DUTY FEES may be additional and are the customers responsibility.

Q:  I'm not sure what cover I need, what should I do?

A: Measure your club and compare these measurements:
Driver: 14" long x 7.25" wide
Fairway wood: 11" long x 5.5" wide
Hybrid: 10" long x 3.6" wide
Blade: 5.5" side x 3" at toe x 7" toe to heel (fits putter heads up to 1.5" in width)
Mid Mallet: 5.25" side x 4" at toe x 6" toe to heel (fits putter heads between 1.5" and 3.5" width best)
Large Mallet: 4.5" x 4.5" x 1" (fits putter heads between 3.5" and 4.5" width best)
**Choosing the correct cover is up to the customer, not Golf Iconic.  Re-makes for incorrectly chosen covers will not be complimentary**

Q:  What does the back side of the wood cover look like?

A:  We use a solid piece of material for the back side of the cover, no embroidery is on the back of the cover.  We can embroider the back of the cover if this is desired but this is an upgrade of $40+ depending on design and material.

Q:  I would like an iron cover, what style would be for an iron?

A:  Golf Iconic does not currently offer iron covers at this time. 

 Q:  I would like to call with a question, what is the phone number?

A:  We are email only at this time.  Please find our emails under the Contact Us tab