Golf Iconic Mission Statement:

Golf Iconic produces custom golf club headcovers, made out quality materials, professional embroidery, and expert craftsmanship. We have the most custom options available on the market, and no minimum order, which makes us stand out amongst our competition. Here at Golf Iconic we own every stage of our manufacturing process which allows us to have amazing quality control, and power over our turn around times. Golf Iconic is easily accessible to everyday consumers, wholesale accounts, and distribution channels.

The Story

Golf Iconic was started by Justin Dahrling, a PGA Class-A Professional, in late 2013. Justin graduated from New Mexico State University with his Bachelors Degree in Business, major in Marketing with the option in Professional Golf Management. Right before he graduated he was a Head Pro, Director of Golf, and General Manager at Sonoma Ranch Golf Course for 8 years. Working in the golf business, and being addicted to golf, naturally he was always paying attention to tours, equipment and the latest in the golf industry. He was an avid golf club collector and enthusiast. His favorite thing to collect was putter headcovers. He was always in awe of the little works of art on each cover. This led to paying attention to what headcovers PGA tour players had in their bags, he started realizing that pretty much all of the stars had one of one headcovers. He thought that was pretty cool, but how come everyone couldn't have a one of one headcover in their bag, PGA tour star or not?

He used his connections that he made from the golf industry to start making some headcover designs for his friends, the pro shop, and events. Eventually he realized that a lot of headcover companies did not have the same quality or craftsmanship, or even the options that he was seeking. Late 2013 he was standing in his home office looking at some putter headcovers and said "Screw it, I am going to learn how to make these". It was a slow start, being that he never had thought of owning a sewing machine, never the less using one. But where there is a will, there is a way. Justin bought a small single needle embroidery machine, and a sewing machine. He learned how to sew mainly using the owners operation guides, his brother (who was a fashion major and had taken sewing classes), and You Tube videos. He learned how to digitize embroidery patterns, and how to operate a embroidery machine. Once when word got out that he was making headcovers, his friends all wanted one, so he started charging a modest fee and made them whatever they wanted. Justin thought it was a pretty cool hobby, and loved the look on his friends faces when they first looked at their cover, that went from a sketch into reality.

Everyone was telling him that he should turn this into a business. Eventually, Justin set up a website, launched an instagram page, and to his surprise people started to line up and contact him to make headcovers. Eventually this little "hobby" completely took over the entire kitchen nook and dining room area, much to his wife's appreciation of that. The business kept growing and growing, so him and his wife cleared out the guest bedroom and made that the Golf Iconic room.

Golf Iconic out grew the guest bedroom rather quickly, one small business loan later Justin moved into Golf Iconic's first true manufacturing space, hired more employees, and has not looked back since. Always focused on how to grow, how to improve the headcovers, and how to keep putting smiles on peoples faces when they open up that box in the mail from Golf Iconic.

Golf Iconic will continue to work day in and day out to produce high quality, completely customizeable headcovers for everyday consumers, tour players, putter companies, retailers, and distributors.

"That is what it is about, putting something people love into their bags, making them stand out, feeling proud of what they created. I am so happy that my love for the game of golf has provided me an opportunity to make these covers with my staff, for all types of golfers around the world. Thank you to everyone who has supported and continue to support Golf Iconic." -Justin Dahrling